Pet Policy

Pet Policy

"Pefkides Boutique Apartments" is the best place to stay in Aegina for the visit of four-legged friends and their companions. To make the most of your visit, please read and acknowledge the "Pefkides Boutique Apartments" policy for pets.


  • Up to one small or medium-sized pet is strictly allowed in each room. Reptiles are forbidden.

  • Guests with pets are required to bring an up-to-date pet health booklet accompanied by an authorized veterinarian. The hotel reserves the right to request an up-to-date pet health booklet at any time.

  • Aggressive pets are strictly forbidden into the premises. The property reserves the right to expel guests accompanying a pet who has behaved aggressively towards other guests or hotel staff.

  • A maximum of two pets per room is allowed.

  • During their stay outside the room and on the hotel premises the pets are required to be constantly with the walk guide.

  • Pet owners are responsible for cleaning their pet litter in the rooms as well as in all areas of the property.

  • Pets should be controlled so as not to disturb other customers. Pets that annoy hotel guests by barking or grunting subject their owner to any penalties for missing profits from the hotel.

  • Pets should not be left on the balcony.


  • If a pet is left unattended and disturbs our guests, you will receive a warning from the property. In the second violation, you will be charged a fee of 100 euros (€ 100) by the management of the accommodation. Continuous barking during quiet hours, ie 13:30 - 17:00 and 21:00 - 10:00, is explicitly considered as a surveillance violation.

  • If damage occurs due to the residence of a pet, "Pefkides Boutique Apartments" informs the guest about the amount due to the accommodation based on the extent of the damage. Irreversible damage is considered to be damage to furniture, carpets, equipment of the accommodation, to plumbing or electrical installations and to objects that cost more than two hundred euros (€ 200). The maximum coverage of damage from a pet is the amount of five hundred euros (€ 500).

  • Blind guide dogs with up-to-date health booklets and certification documents are explicitly exempt from the above charges.


  • Guests are responsible for all bodily harm and / or material damage related to their pet. The visitor agrees to compensate and explicitly release "Pefkides Boutique Apartments" by signing this from any liability and / or damage caused as a result of his pet.

  • The courts have jurisdiction over any dispute that may arise from the implementation of this pet policy. The visitor states that he/she has read the contents of the terms of the property's pet policy and that he accepts them unconditionally.

For any clarification please contact the hotel reception. Thank you for your cooperation.