Hotel Operation Policy

Hotel Operation Policy

We warmly welcome you to "Pefkides Boutique Apartments" and wish you a good stay.

For safety reasons and to be able to provide you with the best possible accommodation experience, please read and follow the rules of operation of the accommodation.

  1. Our hostel provides services according to its category and standards. In case of complaints about the quality of the services offered by our hotel, please report them to the reception desk or directly to the hostel owner, which will definitely allow the staff and manager to react immediately.

  2. The company "Pefkides Boutique Apartments" is obliged to provide the following facilities and services:

    • Conditions for the best possible stay and rest,
    • Secure residence, including security for the protection of your privacy and personal data,
    • Professional customer service,
    • Room cleaning and necessary equipment repairs,
    • In case of damages - effective service to remove them or in case they can not be corrected immediately, the hotel will make every effort, if possible, to change the room or otherwise compensate for the inconvenience of guests during the their residence.

  3. In our Guesthouse all the rules of cleanliness and hygiene are are complied with, according to the final sanitary protocols for the Hotels and Accommodations, due to Covid-19.
    All of our guests, if they wish, are offered masks and hand sanitizers that go along with the instructions and the Health Content Protocols.
    Check out is set until 11.00 and Check in from 15.00, according to the final health protocols.

  4. Upon request, "Pefkides Boutique Apartments" provides its guests with the following services:

    • Providing all the information related to the accommodation and tours in Aegina, about the possibility of visiting archeological sites and recreational events that take place during their stay, as well as information on the transportation of visitors and ferry itineraries.
    • Luggage storage ("Pefkides Boutique Apartments" reserves the right to refuse luggage storage on dates other than the guest's stay and items that do not have the characteristics of personal luggage.)

  5. The accommodation room is rented by day. If, during the room rental, the guest did not inform about the length of stay at the hotel, it is considered that the room was rented for one day.

  6. Accommodation at "Pefkides Boutique Apartments" can be extended at the request of the guest, provided that the property has rooms available on the specified day.

  7. The quiet hours at the property are as follows: from 14:00 to 17:30 in the afternoon and from 22:00 to 8.00 at night.

  8. The guest of the accommodation has no right to transfer the room to other people, even if the period for which the payment has been made has not expired.

  9. Non-registered guests of the property have the right to stay in the apartment or in the garden of the property from 8:00 until 22:00.

  10. The hotelier may refuse to rent to a guest who during a previous stay violated the hotel rules, causing damage to the property or guests, to the hotel staff or otherwise disrupting the guests's quiet stay or operation of the hotel.

  11. The hotel "Pefkides Boutique Apartments" does not have guarded parking. The hotel is not responsible for damage or loss of car or other vehicle belonging to the visitor.

  12. Leaving the room, each time, the guest must check that all appliances are turned off and the door is closed.

  13. The guest of "Pefkides Boutique Apartments" is financially responsible for any damage or destruction of the hotel equipment and technical devices that arise due to his mistake or due to the mistake of the people who visit him.

  14. Personal items forgotten by guests in a hotel room will be sent back to the address indicated by the guest and at the guest's expense. If the hotel staff does not receive such instruction, the hotel management will keep these items for 3 months.

  15. The garden and terrace area is at guests' disposal.

  16. The parents and guardians are responsible for the safety of the children in the hotel area.

  17. Smoking and e-cigarettes are strictly prohibited throughout the property, except on balconies, patios and gardens. If during the customer's stay are found cigarette butts or the smell of smoke in the room, we will be forced to charge the amount of 50€ for the additional cleaning of the room.

  18. Only guests of "Pefkides Boutique Apartments" can use the barbecue area.

  19. A shared computer is available to guests at reception area. Its use is allowed only at the reception.


  1. Cleaning in the hotel rooms takes place every other day. At the request of the guest there is a possibility of additional cleaning of the room.

    The cost for additional cleaning is 7 €.
    If there is a need for additional cleaning, report it to the reception on the same day by 10.00 at the latest.

  2. Towels are changed every two days and bed linen is changed every three days.

    At the request of the guest, it is possible to change sheets and towels more often. For the need to change on days when no change was foreseen, please inform the reception by 10:00 at the latest.
    The cost for an additional change is 3 EUR.

  3. Due to the low capacity of the drain pipes, put toilet paper in the tub in the bathroom - never in the toilet.

  4. Tap water is not drinkable. Please buy bottled water from the supermarket.

  5. Due to the risk of fire, please remember to switch off all electrical appliances when leaving the room.

  6. Garbage in the hotel area looks unsightly and is a source of germs, so please throw it in the bin. Additional rubbish bins have been placed in the garden and parking lot. It is forbidden to leave rubbish out of the bin. If the bin is full, rubbish should be thrown in the bin on the street.

  7. The cleaning equipment is at the disposal of the customers (brooms, ashtrays, mop, etc.) and is located in a storage room at the main entrance on the left below the stairs. If you no longer need it, please return it to the same place after use. Thanks.

  8. Please wash your feet after returning from the beach. Especially for this purpose and right at the entrance of the hotel, a hose and a small fountain were placed in the right corner.

  9. For the safety of guests, a camera has been installed at the entrance of the hotel.

  10. There is also a laundry room available to guests and it is available for use after 16:00. Use of the space is permitted only for adults. Washing once a week is free, more often the use of the space is charged 4 € for each wash. Guests are required to inform the hotel staff if they wish to use the washing machine.

  11. Use of the barbecue is free. The use of barbecue equipment located in the corner of the grill is allowed. Due to the risk of fire, special care is recommended when using the grill. Before leaving the garden, please put out the fire.


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